Armored Animals: Medipunk

Trueno Studio Inc. is pleased to announce Armored Animals: Medipunk, a new project we have launched in the Armored Animals Universe! We will be releasing concept art and 3D art for this title this summer! You can register for the alpha test in the coming weeks and your email will be automatically registered. Stay tuned for the announcement.

Combining Medieval armor and equipment with our proprietary armored animal combat system, this unique game will be the first time that you see not just one type of animal emerge, but animals from various mammal and reptilian lineages!

We are integrating advanced functions into the game that will showcase emergent technologies in 2023. As always, our games will be available via our website, in the future we will be making a big announcement for the third purchase alternative you will have!

Armored Animals

Armored Animals now encompasses a wide variety of over 50 Animals, ranging from Cocks, Pussy and Asses, to Beavers, Tails and Oysters!


We would appreciate it if you leave your thoughts on adding web3 to our games by emailing us at . We will make a final decision on a web3 launch very soon. Your feedback is important to us!

Some of our concept art below for the titles we are working on in the Armored Animals Universe.

We are hiring! Artists, coders, and Game Engine gurus! All you need is passion and commitment! Apply on the website.