We forge
digital reality

By developing interactive digital applications

Armored Animals: Cocks – Armored Cocks battle for supremacy across a wide range of levels and stories!

Rage….maybe? *tease*

Background 4 for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Under the Water with the Mermaids

The third background for our upcoming title!

Teaser 2 for Project RR

The second background for our new title, we hope you enjoy this teaser.

Big announcement coming soon!

Really excited to show everyone our next gaming franchise. We hope you will stick around to see what great fun we have in store for you! For today, the first of a series of backgrounds for our next title.

Space Glider Available Now!

Space glider is our very first title.

Our hero must survive the perils of space to destroy the wicked forces that threaten to dominate it.

Space Glider Game play Video

Space Glider Released!

We are excited to announce that our first game title, space glider 1.04, has been released on the google play store!

Space Glider Nears Release!

We are pleased to announce our first title, space glider, is nearing release.  

First splash screen

Just a short time until our first two games are released now. We got our first ever splash screen done, and are sharing it with you now.