About Our Company

Our core production team is composed of a close knit group of developers, artists and writers, each of whom boasts a lifetime of digital media production experience. Our unique blend of experience as both professionals and gamers grants us a rare perspective in the modern technology industry, and it is that passion that drives development.  We look to the future of the industry while remembering its origins.

Corporate Timeline

Trueno Studio Inc. was founded in March, 2020.

Our core focus is on digital technology. Some of the areas we currently focus on are: Gaming, NFT’s, digital currency and and user accounts. Our systems design gives end-users the ability to protect their privacy while securing and growing their assets. Over the course of the coming years, Trueno Studio will be merging gaming technology with blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to create an entirely new user experience. We look forward to working with our customers to build defining experiences outside the bounds of traditional thinking.




Games Released

You have to start somewhere!




Games in Development

We currently have 3 additional titles in active development.




Games in Concept

10 more brand new titles in concept phases.




Games being Rebuilt

A treasure trove of games and applications we have acquired and plan to release over time as we grow.

The Core Production Team

Da Boss


Not quite the evil emperor, most days this benevolent dictator keeps the staff happy. For now. We keep Freedom Freddy around just in case he needs a take down.

Creative Art in Motion


Artistic balance and vision, a passion for digital media and technology, with artistic flair.

Audio Singularities


Musician, voice actress, audio genius who dabbles in the mysteries of the universe.

The Code Nerd


Young, smart, quiet, nerdy. The man for the job!

The Bouncer


Coder, hardware genius, network analyst, and computer science engineer. Keeps the riff raff out of the code.

The Painter


Short on time, huge on talent, she brings the personality to the critters and creatures in our productions.

The Pen


Romeo, oh romeo, wherefore art though, Romeo? This writer puts the fun in the stories we tell!

The Accountant


The most boring job in the world. This guy loves it. Fun with numbers!

The Town Crier

The DJ

Who else can get the word out? Marketing, extraordinaire. Just wait till you hear him yell.